What You Didn’t Know About Rehabilitation Counselors

Here is a briefing of what it entails to become a rehabilitation counselor. You may be wondering how they differ with other counselors; they assist people with disabilities, either mental or physical live independently and improve their quality of life. They evaluate a patient’s needs, health, abilities, and goals for rehabilitation, which enable him together with the patient, come up with a treatment plan. Afterward, progress is assessed and adjustments are made where necessary. The environment within, which rehabilitation counselors’ works vary; for example, some work in schools, government agencies, and independent living facilities. Rehabilitation counselors need to have a counseling certification. Other positions may require a master’s degree or just a license. The Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification provides the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor certification. For one to acquire the certification, one must meet advanced education, have work experience, requirements for clinical supervision, and pass the CRC examination. Having this certification distinguishes you from other counselors in the job market, which may result in job advancement, salary advancement, and referrals from medical and non-medical professionals. In addition to this, one has benefits including retirement plans, vision, dental and short term and long term disability. Renewal of the certification is required after every 5 years. Rehabilitation counselors are among the highly paid counseling specialty, earning on average $13000 or more. In May 2015, the median annual rehabilitation counselor’s salary was $34,390. Employment in this field has a promising job outlook. Rehabilitation counselors’ demand is expected to grow as the elderly population grows and the rehabilitation needs of other groups increases. Jobs in this field include therapist, physiotherapists, rehabilitation consultants, vocational rehabilitation consultant, workplace rehabilitation consultant, drug and alcohol screener and behavioral health clinical specialist. The growth of counseling profession is progressively enhanced by incorporating association such as American Counseling Association in their operations. Within the American Counselling Association are charted divisions, which are responsible for providing resources, information related to principles of counseling and leadership. Becoming a member gives you the privilege to access workshops and training, awards, conference update and newsletters. Consider it a great achievement pursing this career.

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