Fans of the Chicago Cubs Raised $31K for Victims of Domestic Violence

Just before the trade deadline in late July, the Chicago Cubs picked up pitcher Aroldis Chapman. For Mizzou grad and baseball enthusiast Caitlin Swieca, this new acquisition by her favorite baseball team was not sitting well with her. While with the New York Yankees, Chapman was involved in a domestic violence incident at the pitcher’s South Florida home, where his 22-year-old friend told people the ball player assaulted her. No charges were ultimately pressed on Chapman, but the league served him a 30-game suspension to which he didn’t file an appeal. Unhappy with the new addition to her lovable Cubs roster, Swieca took to twitter stating, “So I’ve decided I’m going to donate $10 to a Chicago domestic violence org every time Chapman gets a save.” Four months later, the Cubs would go on to become the World Series Champions and 430 other Chicago fans would end up donating to her campaign with the Domestic Violence Legal Clinic. “The DVLC fundraising started with a goal of $11,000, which is a thousandth of Chapman’s $11 million dollar salary. The group hit that goal during the regular season, but during the postseason, Twitter sharing of the campaign’s page rose dramatically,” Swieca said. “The goal got pushed up again, and then again.” By the time the Cubs were World Series Champions, the campaign had raised over $27,000 for domestic violence relief and by November 3rd, the total was just over $31,000 that will be donated to the DVLC.

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