High Paying Careers for Counselors in 2017

The counseling field is particularly under-appreciated but it can be emotionally rewarding. It is for philanthropic individuals who are looking to bring help to anyone and everyone in need and anyone who wants to contribute to their communities. Counselors listen to problems and issues and advise accordingly. Counselors deal with the immense responsibility of impacting their clients’ lives dynamically. There are a number of options offered by the industry enabling candidates to work in numerous environments. A proportionate salary will be based on several factors such as education, qualification, geographical location, certification, license and experience. With these criteria in mind, here are some of the highest salaries being received in the counseling field.

Gerontological Counselor

They work with the elderly and prepare them in and directly dealing with health and emotional disorders as well as life changes. They can work in convalescent centers, senior centers and hospitals. They require a graduate degree and specialized elder care training. Several states also require 300 hours at least in a clinical setting. The average gerontological counselor’s salary is in the vicinity of $60,000.

School counselor

These specialists work to provide guidance to parents and students. Their motive is to help their clients manage their social lives and classes and prepare for the future. They deal with bullying, depression, anger management, grades, peer pressure, drug issues and any other social elements of a youth’s life. They are responsible for the assessment and testing of students, aiding them in determining what schools to attend and life goals to observe. It is a crucial career that requires patience and dedication. Salary is based on experience in most districts and the median pay is in the vicinity of $53000.

Marriage and family counselor

Marriage counselors assist families in working through miscommunications and perceptions to establish better relations. They work with a lot of the same issues as school counselors which customizes programs for their clients. It is a fast growing and as in the mental health area of expertise, a marriage counselor could expect to make more if they were running a private practice. Most counselors work with government programs, law enforcement programs, hospitals, churches and community centers. Family and marriage counselors earn within the range of $46,000.

Mental health counselor

Anxiety, addiction, stress, self-esteem issues and suicidal impulses all fall under the mental health specialist’s umbrella. This scope includes psychiatrists and psychologists. They diligently probe with the aim of helping others with emotional disorders as well. Professionals can offer services on an individual basis but they can also facilitate group sessions for individuals dealing with a similar issue. Counseling is usually voluntary but there are cases where it is court required or ordered to keep a job. The median salary in this field is roughly $38000 which is based on mental health practitioners who work in the public market but typically counselors running private practices can earn significantly more. The field a counselor opts to work in will affect their salary.

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