How to Become a Counselor in Missouri

Professional LPC’s in the state of Missouri will be licensed through the Committee for Professional Counselors. Those looking to become school counselors will receive their credentials from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Though people pursuing a career in school counseling will not have to have a professional counseling license, there is the option to become dual certified.

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Future LPC: For Students in a Missouri High School or Missouri High School Graduates

First: When selecting an undergraduate major there are a variety of options, but no matter what you choose, you want to make sure that the program sets your up for a graduate education in counseling. For this reason you should be looking into graduate programs as early as possible to figure out the schools requirements. Most counseling candidates will have majored in psychology or a counseling related major in their undergraduate years. People looking to become school counselors should look into majoring in education as it can really give you a leg up when apply for schools and future employment. Second: While pursuing your undergraduate degree, it is important to gain some work experience. If there are not any opportunities for work in your field through your school, another option is organizations like the Missouri Department of Mental Health that will help you get connected with other work opportunities. How to Become a Counselor in Missouri

College Graduates: Bachelor’s

First: To get ready for graduate school and licensure, you will want to collect professional and educational references that can articulate you ability in a letter. Second: For those looking to become school counselors, your graduate program must contain at least 42 hours of course work, with 12 hours being in elementary counseling. For other professional counselors, you will need to complete a program with 48 hours of coursework, six hours of internship, and courses in the ten areas specified by the Board. Third: As you are completing your graduate program, you will need to complete the NCE, which will help you get your professional licensure in the state of Missouri. This will be followed by finding a counselor that is approved by the Board. If the supervisor is not present at your work place, additional documents will need to be filled out. Those looking to become school counselors will take the Praxis and receive licensing upon recommendation. Fourth: Finally, you are going to complete you supervised work experience, which in the state of Missouri is 3,000 that must be completed between 2 and 5 years. School counselors will work under prevision for four years before receiving permanent licensure. You will be mentor for two years and be evaluated during this time. Fifth: Prior to applying for professional licensure, the last step you will need to take is completing the jurisprudence exam.

Missouri Counseling Organizations

Committee for Professional Counselors Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education