How to Become a Counselor in New Mexico

Are you interested in gaining more information about becoming an LPC in New Mexico? A Master’s degree and a state license are required in order to become a school counselor or Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselor in the state of New Mexico. With as little as an associate’s degree, one can be licensed as a substance abuse counselor. We encourage you to gain the highest levels of education possible to benefit your career. For more information on Education Programs, please click here.

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Future LPC: For Student in New Mexico High School or New Mexico High School Graduate

Your First Step: There is a wide range of choices for undergraduate majors. We do encourage to strongly consider social sciences such as Psychology and Social Work. Make the best grades you possibly can and distinguish yourself as a candidate. The process is competitive. Your Second Step: Gain substantial paid work or volunteer experience. How to Become a Counselor in New Mexico

Bachelor’s Degree College Graduates

(CACREP– The Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs). Rehabilitation counseling programs are usually accredited by CORE (The Council on Rehabilitation Education). First: Work on admission requirements well in advance. Start gathering letters of reference. Some students are required to take the GRE test. Gather yourself for interviews and possible essay writing requests. Second: Pursue programs that are in line with your interests. Let’s say that you want to pursue school counseling. Look into schools with regional accreditation. Schools with CACREP-accreditation in school counseling will usually be a minimum of forty-eight semester hours long. For those interested in pursuing dual licensing in subjects such as mental health counseling and school counseling, you will be looking at a minimum of sixty semester hours in the program. Third: Join professional organizations for an opportunity to network with others in your field. Fourth: Accomplish any required licensing exams. Fifth: Supervised experience will be required for licensing. One must accomplish three thousand clinical contact hours in adherence with the Board. Your clinical supervisor will must substantiate that you are in compliance with all standards. Bear in mind that Licensed Mental Health Counselor is considered a transitional licensure. For more information on licensing in New Mexico, please click here.

New Mexico Licensing Agencies

Counseling and Therapy Practice New Mexico Public Education Department — School Counselor (Prek-12) We wish you the best of success in your pursuit of becoming a counselor in New Mexico.