How to Become a Texas LPC

When thinking about becoming a Texas LPC, it is best to start preparing early. Counselors in the state will need to complete a graduate education and it’s important to cement a good foundation for your career during you undergraduate years.

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Future Texas LPC’s: For Students in a Texas High School or Texas High School Graduates

First: You should be looking to prepare for your career early. Those looking to become school counselors will need to major in education and become a certified teacher, practicing for two years before being eligible for counseling credentials. Those who have a professional counseling license will be able to provide services to people of all ages outside of a school setting. Second: Experience in the field is going to be very useful to those who are still trying to figure out which type of counselor they are looking to become. For this reason, prospective counselors should start volunteering as early as possible. Places like the Volunteer Center of North Texas can help you get in touch with volunteer opportunities that will make you a better candidate later. Third: When choosing an undergraduate major, it is best to choose something along the lines of social work or psychology, unless you are looking to become a school counselor. To be in good standing for graduate school you will need to complete a program of 60 hours and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. How to Become a Counselor in Texas

College Graduates: Bachelor’s

First: Start your graduate school applications early as there could be tests that need to be take or professional or work references that need to be submitted. Second: As you near closer to graduate school you will need to complete the National Counselor Examination and jurisprudence exam . Third: Once you have completed your graduate program and have applied for and completed testing, you will then need to get in contact with a Board approved supervisor that will help you complete your experience requirements for the Board. Those looking to become professional counselors will need to clock in 3,000 hours of direct client contact that must be completed within 60 months. While you are collecting your supervised hours, you will be under temporary licensure. Under this title you will be able to complete everything a normal counselor can do, just under supervision. Those looking to become school counselors will require less time to be licensed and will look into fields like education. Some programs will even let you complete undergraduate and graduate school at the same time in order to shorten the process. Texas LPC Organizations Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Texas Administrative Code – School Counselor