How to Become a Counselor in Utah

Unlike most state, Utah allows individuals looking to become addiction counselors to achieve licensing at the associate’s or bachelors level, all they have to do is complete a substance abuse certificate program. Though, this path does not lead towards independent practice. In order to practice independently in the state of Alabama, you will need to complete a graduate education in order to become licensed as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor or a school counselor. Some counseling professions like university counseling will not require licensing, but a graduate education is typically required. When asking how to become a counselor in the state of Utah there are many paths, but achieve a graduate education and maintain above a 3.0 GPA can ensure a stronger candidacy.

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First: Getting involved in the counseling profession early and often is a great way to sure that you will be a strong candidate for graduate school and licensing. Organizations like the Utah Commission on Volunteers is a great place to get connected with volunteer opportunities in your area. Second: Those looking to become counselors in Utah should look to gain an undergraduate degree in psychology or a counseling related field. Those who are looking to become a school counselor will be able gain a degree in education or volunteer to gain education experience. How to Become a Counselor in Utah

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First: When looking into graduate programs, it is important to understand the requirements for admission. You may be required to take an enterance examination to be admitted. Educational and professional references will need to be gathered, as well. Those who find themselves missing experience can check out Americorps. Second: Your graduate program will need to adhere to the requirements set by the Utah School Counselor Education Programs if you are looking into becoming a school counselor. Those looking to become mental health counselors will need to complete a CACREP-accredited graduate program that contains at least 60 hours of coursework with all the required classed asked of by the Board. Third: For mental health counselors, you will be required to complete 900 hours of an internship. In some cases, your school will set you up with an organization that will help you complete this requirement. Internships are a great way to find out what you enjoy in the counseling field and mold you experience and education towards that field. Fourth: When it comes to testing, those looking to become school counselors will need to complete the Praxis. Check with your state counseling board to determine the means of application. For aspiring mental health counselors, you will not go directly to testing. You will first need to complete two years of work experience under the supervision of a licensed professional counselor. Once you have completed your overseen work experience, you will take the NCE or the NCMHCE. In the case that your field of licensing doesn’t require licensure, a certificate in that field will need to be acquired.

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