How to Become a Counselor in Wisconsin

When thinking about becoming an LPC in Wisconsin, it is best to start preparing early. Counselors in the state will need to complete a graduate education and it’s important to cement a good foundation for your career during you undergraduate years.

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Future LPC: For Students in a Wisconsin High School or Wisconsin High School Graduates

First: When studying as an undergraduate you can study in a variety of subjects as long as you are taking the prerequisite courses for graduate school. Most students looking to become counselors will major in subjects like human services or psychology. While in your undergraduate you will want to maintain a GPA that is above a 3.0 average. Check with potential graduate programs about any courses you will have to take to be admitted. For most applicants, psychology or a related fields are a common choice. Second: Get involved. One of the best ways to raise the stock of you resume is by volunteering with organizations like Volunteer Wisconsin. Some school programs even required work experience prior to being admitted. Look into undergraduate programs that offer the opportunity to gain volunteer work while pursuing your degree. How to Become a Counselor in Wisconsin

College Graduates: Bachelor’s

First: Tests like the MAT or GRE will need to be completed prior to graduate school so it is important that you are able to communicate both orally and on paper. In most cases, an essay will be required for admission, as well. Second: Get started with your graduate education. Although the state of Wisconsin only requires programs to have 42 hours of coursework, most CACREP-accredited colleges are moving towards having 60 hours of coursework to complete. Plus, the more coursework a candidate has completed the more successful they will be later. Out of the eight areas of requirements for Wisconsin, prospects will need to complete six of them. For those looking to become school counselors the process is a little different. If interested, you should look into a school counseling program that includes a yearlong internship working with students. Third: Counselors will work under a temporary license as they accumulate 3,000 hours of work experience that is needed for full licensure. Supervisors will communicate directly with the Board and the Board needs to be aware of any changes in supervision. Fourth: Those looking to become fully licensed counselors will need to complete either the NCE (general counselor), NCMHCE (mental health), or the CRCE (rehabilitation counselors.

Wisconsin  Licensing Agencies:

Department of Safety and Professional Services Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction