Idaho LPC Requirements

Counselor Licensing Requirements in Idaho

We want to assist you in making sure that you meet all Counselor Licensing Requirements in Idaho. Idaho has a couple of different levels of registration and licensing for mental health counselors. Once you finish your education in Idaho, you can begin working as a Registered Counselor Intern. Eventually, you will be licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and then a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). These titles may only be earned after you have accumulated a acceptable level of experience and passed the mandatory examinations.

Idaho Counselor Credential Titles

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Registered Counselor Intern A counselor performing under supervision as a part of the supervised experience requirement.

Idaho Counselor Education Requirements

Master’s degree or higher in a counseling field from an accredited college/university, with 60 semester hours and completion of a 6 semester hour advanced counseling practicum.

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Idaho LPC Requirements

Idaho Counseling Experiential Requirements

LCPC Hold a valid LPC license; and 2 years/2,000 hours of supervised direct client contact experience accumulated after licensure in any state. 1,000 hours must be under supervision of an LCPC. Minimum of 1 hour face-to-face, one-on-one supervision for every 30 hours of direct client contact.

Successful completion of a Diagnostic Evaluation graduate course or equivalent training/experience acceptable to the board.

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LPC 1,000 hours is defined as one thousand clock hours of experience working in a counseling setting, 400 hours of which shall be direct client contact. Supervised experience in practica and/or internships taken at the graduate level may be utilized. The supervised experience shall include a minimum of 1 hour of face-to-face or one-to-one or one-to-two consultation with the supervisor for every twenty hours of job/internship experience. Face-to-face may include a face-to-face setting provided by a live video connection between the supervisor and supervisee. As stated under Subsection 150.01.a.iv. Counseling practicum experience as opposed to job or internship experience shall be supervised at a ratio of 1 hour of supervision for every ten hours in the settings. Supervised practicum and/or internship taken at a graduate level may be utilized.

Idaho Counselor Exams


Idaho Requirements for Clinical Supervisors

Effective July 1, 2004 licensed counselors shall be registered with the Board in order to provide postgraduate supervision for those individuals pursuing licensure in Idaho as a counselor.

Idaho Requirements for Out of State Applicants

Licensure by endorsement: The board may grant a license to any person who submits a completed application on a form approved by the board together with the required fees and who: 1.) Holds a Current License. The applicant must hold a current active license in the profession for which a license is being sought, issued by the authorized regulatory entity in another state or country, the certification of which must be received directly by the board from the issuing agency; 2.) Has Not Been Disciplined. The applicant must certify they have not been disciplined within the last 5 years, had a license revoked, suspended, restricted, or otherwise sanctioned by any regulatory entity and has never voluntarily surrendered a license; 3.) Is of Good Moral Character. The applicant must certify they are of good moral character and have not been convicted, found guilty, or received a withheld judgment or suspended sentence for any felony; 4.) Has Documented Experience. The applicant must provide a documented record of at least 5 years actual practice under licensure immediately prior to application in the profession for which a license is being sought, or can demonstrate hardship or extenuating circumstances that prohibited practice during a portion of the 5 year period as determined by the board; 5.) Will Abide by Laws, Rules and Code of Ethics. The applicant must certify under oath to abide by the laws and rules governing the practice of counseling and marriage and family therapy in Idaho and the applicable code of ethics as adopted; AND EITHER 6.) NEW RULE as of 3-30-07: National Credentials Registry. If applicant has been granted credentials by the American Association of State Counseling Boards (AASCB) as qualifying for Category II of the National Credentials Registry or any such similar qualification granted by the national credentialing entity otherwise approved by the board; OR 7.) Provides documentation of at least 3 of the following during the 5 years immediately prior to application:a. A minimum of 1,000 hours client contact; b. Service as an officer of a state or national counseling or marriage and family therapy organization, or a member of a state or national counseling or marriage and family therapy board or committee, or other leadership positions as may be approved by the board; c. Teaching at least 3 graduate courses for credit at an accredited college or university; d. A certificate to supervise issued by the NBCC or AAMFT; e. Providing at least 12 months of supervision to each of no less than 3 persons seeking licensure; f. Maintained professional liability insurance for the previous 5 years with proof of no claims filed; g. Obtained a post graduate degree in a field of study related to counseling or marriage and family therapy that is in addition to the minimum licensure requirements; h. Current certification by a national credentialing entity as approved by the board in the discipline for which licensure is sought; i. 20 hours of continuing education per year for the 5 years immediately prior to application.

Scope of Practice

“PRACTICE OF PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING” means the application of mental health, psychological, and human development principles in order to facilitate human development and adjustment throughout the life span; prevent, assess, human development and adjustment throughout the life span; prevent, assess, and treat mental, emotional or behavioral disorders and associated distresses which interfere with mental health; conduct assessments for the purpose of establishing treatment goals and objectives; and plan, implement and evaluate treatment plans using counseling treatment interventions. “Counseling treatment interventions” means the application of cognitive, affective, behavioral, and systemic counseling strategies, which include principles of development, wellness and pathology that reflect a pluralistic society. Such interventions are specifically implemented in the context of a professional counseling relationship. The practice of professional counseling includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Individual, group, marriage and family counseling and therapy;
  2. Assessment;
  3. Crisis intervention;
  4. Treatment of persons with mental and emotional disorders;
  5. Guidance and consulting to facilitate normal growth and development, including educational and career development;
  6. Utilization of functional assessment and counseling for persons requesting assistance in adjustment to a disability or handicapping condition;
  7. Consulting;
  8. Research; and
  9. Referral.

Salary Information for Idaho Counselors

The state of Idaho is an excellent place to learn and grow as a counselor. Along with assisting those in their communities, the average counselor in Idaho brings home between $41,920 and $54,700 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Now that you are familiar with the counselor licensing requirements in Idaho, visit our How to Become a Counselor in Idaho page for a more detailed look into the steps you will need to take to make your dream of becoming a counselor a reality.

Additional Information about LPC Requirements in Idaho

ID State Licensing Board of Professional Counselors and Marriage & Family Therapists Physical address: 700 W. State St. Boise, ID 83702 Mailing address: PO Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720-0063 208-334-3233 LPC/LCPC Application fee: $75 LPC/LCPC License fee: $75 Counselor Intern Application fee: $25