Indiana Community Serves Those Who have Served Them

Just in time for the holidays, the city of Terre Haute, Indiana is giving back to those who serve us the most, our veterans. The community gathered at Legion Post 104 to provide the veterans in their community with knitted clothing, haircuts, and even dog therapy for mental health. “It’s very important to take care of your veterans,” said veteran Joshua Bosell. The community wanted to make sure that this holiday season they were serving those who serve us. “Everyone is going to walk out of here with something,” said Wabash Valley Stand Down Committee Chairman, Martina Hull. The gathering, more formally called the Wabash Valley Stand Down, is in its third year of making sure veterans in Indiana and their families are adequately supported. “As a veteran, we are here to help you, we are here to serve you, we are here to be accessible and give whatever services you need, we’re here to do that,” said Hull. Some of the volunteers gave out hygiene kits. Other organizations, like Reach Services and the Hamilton Center, provided mental health counseling. Even children helped give back by creating art for the veterans attending. “It’s a great thing from the community for the veterans; it’s about to be winter time, they could use a lot of stuff for winter, I’m sure,” said Bosell. A local group of women knitted for the veterans and those veterans who were homeless received backpacks filled with winter clothing. “You never know what these guys are facing, or why, so we try and capture the whole wellness of a veteran in one place at one time if we can,” said Hull. Organizers even give veterans without means of communication cellphones in order check in on them. “It’s great to see the community outreach,” said Bosell. The group vows that no matter if the veteran is looking for housing, or just wants a book and a haircut, they will be there to take care of them, as they have served us.

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