Killer Clown Craze is Sending Children to Counseling

Ever since reports of killer clowns started popping up all over news and internet outlets, children around the globe have had trouble sleeping. As of recently, Childline ( has reported 432 phone calls regarding the clowns that dress up and wait to scare passersby. In addition, there have been 139 child therapy sessions as a direct result from the popular clown craze, according to The Standard. The therapy sessions reported are comprised of three-quarters boys and one-quarter girls who are under the age of eleven years-old. These statistics come after reports of clowns terrorizing children all over the country like the case of an eleven-year-old girl chased by a clown holding an axe in Cumbria and a ten year old boy in Plymouth threatened by a clown wielding a hammer. Another incident occurred to a 13-year-old girl who received a message on Instagram from a supposed killer clown who threatened to rape and kill her. One Philadelphia school district even issued security statements as police were looking into threats coming from killer clowns on social media. In another case, schools in Cincinnati closed down after reports emerged of a woman that was attacked by a man wearing a killer clown costume. The woman was later arrested for issuing a false police report. Talk of killer clowns even made its way to the White House when Press Secretary Josh Earnest commented on the number of killer clown reports. “I don’t know that the president has been briefed on this particular situation,” he said. “Obviously, this is a situation that local law enforcement authorities take quite seriously and they should carefully and thoroughly review, you know, perceived threats to the safety of the community and they should do so prudently.” As of right now, it is still unsure as to whether or not the clowns are just another prank for the holiday season or if the killer clown problem is here to stay.

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TJ is a managing partner of USA-LEADS. USA-LEADS creates comprehensive and informative websites for individuals looking for educational information about the requirements and certifications needed in a given field. He has been in the digital space since 2009 and quickly went from having ZERO knowledge of all things internet to becoming the Director of Web Services at a custom software development company. Prior to entering the space he taught children with learning differences for 9 years.