Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Might Begin Marriage Counseling

2016 was a rough year for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Kim earlier in the year was held hostage in her hotel room and robbed of millions of dollars in jewelry in her Paris hotel room, while Kanye suffered from a stress-induced mental breakdown just before the holidays. Both incidents have reportedly taken a massive toll on the couple’s relationship and it is rumored that the two might finally be entering marriage counseling to make things right again. It was previously rumored that the couple was already attending counseling for their relationship, but as of now the two are attending counseling sessions individually. A source close to the couple told People Magazine that they have discussed attending counseling for their relationship, but don’t have any plans to begin. As of right now, they are just focusing on their counseling as individuals. “They are still both receiving individual therapy,” the source told People. “Kim is dealing with the trauma from the robbery. Kanye is receiving help for depression and learning how to cope with stress better.” “They might be thinking about marriage therapy, but so far it seems they haven’t had any sessions together,” the source added. A different source spoke with Perez Hilton that the couple is not currently attending marriage therapy, but that “Kanye is going to counseling every day” and he is working on learning how to say “no” to new projects so he can take the time to focus on his health. Divorce rumors sparked earlier in December when Kim made a rare appearance since her robbery and was seen without her engagement ring. The next day the couple was seen out having dinner together, with Kim wearing her ring. Neither star has come out and directly spoken about their marriage, but multiple sources have reported that divorce is not an option for the couple and that they are determined to make it work.

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