Everything You Need to Know About the Mental Health Counselor on The Bachelor

Nick Viall, the current ‘Bachelor’ gets to choose from 30 beautiful ladies for a potential bride and all of them are now vying for his affection and his attention. One of these lovely ladies is Taylor Nolan and here is all you need to know about the lovely Taylor from The Bachelor. Taylor Nolan is the youngest contender on the show as at the tender age of 23 she is trying to win the heart of a significantly older man but we all know the saying that goes  ‘age is just a number’. She hails from Seattle, Washington and her reason for joining the show is finding love. Taylor Nolan graduated from Arundel High School in 2011 after which she proceeded to go to Stevenson University. She graduated from Stevenson University and attended John Hopkins University in 2014. She started working at a private practice in 2015 and at First Step Recovery Center. She graduated in 2016 from John Hopkins University and Taylor Nolan is now a licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and is practicing in Seattle, Washington. Taylor’s career as a mental counselor is very important to her as she frequently mentioned on the show. On her blog, Taylor mentions that she is very passionate about helping other people help themselves as what she does not do is trying to help or give people advice who are not ready to receive assistance. She feels that anyone who strikes out on their own has made a lot of progress with their lives and she talked in a blog post of how proud of herself she was for going for her own thing and following her dream. This was pertaining to her opening of her private practice. She also went on to say that she often found herself minimizing such events in her life but she realized that it is perfectly okay to be proud of yourself and your achievements. She said she was proud of herself for embarking on that new chapter of her life. If you worked hard for anything you wanted in life and finally got it, there is no shame in acknowledging your accomplishments however small they might be. Taylor was raised by a single mom and was lucky enough to be the first person in her family to go off to college; she knew exactly what she wanted and is killing it. Taylor seems to wear several hats as she is not only a mental health counselor but has also dabbled in some modeling not to mention she is a big advocate of volunteering in her local community. She also adores organic farmers markets and cats.

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