Virtual School Counselor

These days, agencies and schools are often employing School Counselors to provide part-time, virtual services to students in grades (such as K-12) through online platforms. These agencies and schools are often looking for people with real school-based experience who know how to work from an “IEP goals” standpoint. Individuals who are comfortable working remotely are, obviously, ideal.

With a certified LPC license and a willingness, and aptitude, for working remotely, one can pursue the role of Virtual School Counselor. Seeking an LPC license from a school that is advanced in the technology arena can be a great start. These are often contract jobs that can be for 40, or less, hours per week. Virtual School Counselors often enjoy the following benefits:
  • flexibility of scheduling
  • substantial hourly rates
  • collective support from account teams

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Become a virtual school counselor

Virtual School Counselor Requirements

  • Usually a State Professional Board Counselor license (often an LPC, or equivalent)
  • Proof of individual professional liability insurance (or willingness to obtain this insurance)
  • Possession of (or willingness to obtain) up-to-date clearances
  • Avid interest and aptitude for working remotely with students
Types of activities that a Virtual School Counselor can help a student with:
  • Personal learning plans focusing on post-graduation goals.
  • College planning activities for students in 9th–12th grade, helping those who plan to attend college develop an academic portfolio that highlights elements desired by college admissions committees.
  • One-on-one guidance counseling with seniors to provide resources and assistance with postsecondary planning, including such activities as: career options, vocational training, and choosing the right college.
  • Special programs helping grades 6–8 to learn about potential careers and explore fields that interest them. These groups can empower students to enter high school with solid direction, enhancing the likelihood of success in a high school program that will properly prepare them for pursuit of their career interests.
  • Interactive, online sessions connecting students and families with real-time information on college application processes, financial aid and scholarships, entrance requirements, and other essential information.
  • College test preparation courses/functions for both the ACT and SAT standardized examinations.