Women’s Giving Alliance Provides Grants for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling

Recently, a charity organization in Jacksonville awarded mental healthcare providers more than $400,000 in grants to fund mental health and substance abuse counseling. One of the facilities granted funds from the organization reported that they plan to use the money to help fund substance abuse and domestic violence counseling. Counselors stated that when survivors show up at St. Augustine’s Betty Griffin House, a shelter for domestic abuse victims, they arrive with a dependency on substances. “Oftentimes, we’ll see survivors who are in trauma, and this really increases the survivors’ risk for substance abuse,” Betty Griffin CEO Joyce Mahr said. The $100,000 gift from the Women’s Giving Alliance will help the shelter offer free counseling and help people in the shelter work towards sobriety. “This is one of the gaps in services that we’ve seen in shelter, and this is why we wanted to bring this program into the shelter itself,” Mahr said. Additionally, these four facilities also received grants from the Woman’s Giving Alliance:
  • Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center ($100,000) to build a girl-centered program that works to keep young girls out of the juvenile detention system and provide clinical mental health counseling to girls.
  • Hubbard House RISE! program ($100,000) is looking to create individual and group mental health counseling programs for women using the Hubbard House domestic violence support services.
  • Jewish Family & Community Services ($100,000) plans to use the money to build a sliding fee scale mental health counseling facility that will offer individual and family counseling for women and girls. The counseling will be offered on-site or at the patient’s home.
  • Volunteers in Medicine ($22,000) for the Healing the Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul program that is a mix of mental health screenings, counseling, medication, and psychiatric services to women who work in Duval County.
The Women’s Giving Alliance is going to be switching their focus to organizations that help prevent poverty among women.

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