Wyoming LPC Requirements

Counselor Licensing Requirements in Wyoming

We want to ensure that you have helpful information about Counselor Licensing Requirements in Wyoming for gaining the right licensing to practice as a counselor in Wyoming.

The different licensure in Wyoming for professional counselors are:

  • LPC once you complete every requirement, including all education requirements, on-the-job experience with supervision, and finally an examination for licensing.
  • PPC (Provisional)  This while being supervised.

Wyoming Counselor Credential Titles

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Provisional Professional Counselor (PPC) An applicant who has received a master’s degree, but has not passed the NCE exam or completed the supervised experience requirement; valid for 36 months.

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Wyoming LPC Requirements

Wyoming Counselor Educational Requirements

Master’s degree or higher in counseling, with a minimum of 60 semester hours (or 90 quarter hours) from a CACREP or CORE accredited program, or a regionally accredited college or university which meets the “CACREP criteria” for coursework, instructor qualification, and supervision.

Wyoming Counselor Experiential Requirements

3,000 hours of supervised post-master clinical experience. (1,200 must be direct client contact and 100 hours must be face-to-face supervision. Supervision must be provided by a licensed mental health professional.

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Wyoming Counselor Exam Required


Wyoming Requirements for Clinical Supervisors

Wyoming LPC Licensed as a professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, clinical social worker, addictions therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, a physician with specialty in addictionology, or an advanced practitioner of nursing with a psychiatric specialty, for at least 2 years and 4 years of professional experience prior to providing supervision.

Wyoming Requirements for Out of State Applicants

Licensure by reciprocity: Applicants must hold a current license in good standing under the laws of another state having licensure requirements substantially similar to those required in this state.

Wyoming Scope of Practice

“PRACTICE OF COUNSELING” means rendering to individuals, couples, families, groups, organizations, corporations, institutions, government agencies or the general public a service that integrates a wellness, pathology and multicultural model of human behavior. This model applies a combination of mental health, psychotherapeutic, and human development principles and procedures to help clients achieve effective mental, emotional, physical, social, moral, educational, spiritual or career development and adjustment throughout the life span, and includes the diagnostic description and treatment of mental disorders or disabilities within the range of the professional’s preparation. “MENTAL HEALTH PROCEDURES” means engaging in methods and techniques which include, but are not restricted to: a. “Counseling” means assisting clients through the counseling relationship, using a combination of mental health, psychotherapy and human development principles, methods and techniques, to achieve mental, emotional, physical, social, moral, educational, spiritual or career development and adjustment through the life span, but shall not include religious instruction; b. “Appraisal” means selecting, administering, scoring and interpreting instruments designed to assess an individual’s attitudes, abilities, achievements, interests and personal characteristics and the use of methods and techniques for understanding human behavior in relation to coping with, adapting to, or changing life situations; c. “Consulting” means the application of scientific principles and procedures in counseling and human development to provide assistance in understanding and solving current or potential problems that the client may have in relation to a third party, be it an individual, a group or an organization; d. “Referral” means evaluating and identifying needs of a client to determine the advisability of referral to other specialists, informing the client of such judgment and communicating as requested or deemed appropriate to such referral sources; e. “Research” means systematic efforts to collect, evaluate, interpret and apply procedures related to improving the understanding and delivery of counseling services to clients. “PSYCHOTHERAPY” means the treatment, diagnosis, testing, assessment or counseling in a professional relationship to assist individuals or groups to alleviate mental disorders, understanding unconscious or conscious motivation, resolve emotional relationships, or attitudinal conflicts, or modifying behaviors that interfere with effective emotional, social or intellectual functioning.

Salary and Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a general counselor in the state of Wyoming brings home between $36,910 and $55,530 per year. Now that you are familiar with the counselor licensing requirements in Wyoming, visit our How to Become a Counselor in Wyoming page for a more detailed look into the steps you will need to take to make your dream of becoming a counselor a reality. WY Mental Health Professions Licensing Board 2001 Capitol Ave. Room 104 Cheyenne, WY 82002 307/777-3628 307/777-3508 (fax) Executive Director Michelle M. Lamorie [email protected] [email protected] WEBSITE: http://mentalhealth.wyo.gov/ LPC Reciprocal Application fee: $350 LPC by Completing Provisional: $200 PPC Application fee: $150

source: https://www.amftrb.org/coaching.cfm